AUN Academy (Secondary)


AUN Charter (American program)

The AUN Charter (American program) is for students in grades 6 – 12. It is an American International School based on serving the needs of both international and local families.

At the American program, we have spacious classrooms for individualized attention and hands-on experiential learning.

We follow a rigorous curriculum which is focused on developing critical thinking skills to prepare our students for challenges and opportunities that lay ahead, we also believe in empowering our students by expanding and exploring the horizon beyond the curriculum through practical applications of their learning and real-world application of their values taught at the school.


Our Curriculum Provides:

  • A strong foundation in our core academic subject of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.
  • Enhanced instruction and practical application in Information Technology
  • Exploring into Arts, Music, Physical Education/Sports, and Foreign Languages
  • Workshop style classes in civics, social interaction, current events and problem-solving skills
  • Preparation for international careers in every professional field.

This assists us to analyze the students’ individual subject concerns. The students’ academic performance is constantly monitored by the academic office and Guidance and counseling office. Students who require extra support in any core subject area are put in the learning support program. The parents of such students are notified through email or letter from the school called early warning academic letter.

Beyond Academics, our students are encouraged to participate in the numerous extra-curricular activities we offer with particular emphasis on giving back to society through volunteering and community service.


The School boasts of highly motivated, professional staff in all courses offered. The instructors also take a personal interest in the development of the students and serve as a mentor to them. We also have a strong parental partner association and access to the American University of Nigeria’s first class faculty and facilities.


  • English - which deals with the disciplines of Grammar, Mechanics, Composition, and Literature
  • Math - which covers Pre- Algebra, Algebra 1&2, Geometry, Trigonometry and pre-calculus
  • Science - Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Social Studies - which treats world culture, world history, African History, United States History and Introduction to Psychology


  • Information Technology - covering hardware maintenance and appreciation, use of application software such as word processing, presentation, publishing, spreadsheets & databases, and the Internet and netiquette.
  • French
  • Music
  • Art
  • Economics
  • Hausa
  • Health
  • And other WAEC Base Subjects.

We also offer civic class which is an open forum interactive session where students are encouraged to apply critical thinking to understand real-world problems and actively seek solutions for them. All students are expected to participate in some form of community service either through individual projects or general school project.


The American program is part of the AUN Academy family and continuation of the educational foundation started at the AUN Elementary School. To come into the AUN Schools American Program from the Elementary School is a smooth transition from grade 5 to 6. The same goes for the International or Nigerian program. Students are assured of a smooth and continuous program of American style learning from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Our Educational system offers:

  • Small class sizes with a small student to teacher ratio
  • Individualized attention to each student
  • High Technology dependent usage in learning and instruction with every student having a galaxy tab
  • Weekly practical’s in science lab from grade 6 to 12.
  • A variety of extracurricular activities like field trips, plays, concerts, sports, and community service.
  • Well trained and highly motivated staff.
  • Shares facilities with the International track.

AUN Charter (American program)

The AUN Academy Secondary, which is located on the north campus of the American University of Nigeria, is readily accessible to the Yola and Jimeta communities.  It is approximately 20 minutes away from Yola’s International Airport.  Students quietly pursue their studies, religious devotions, and enjoy extracurricular activities in a well-structured and carefully monitored environment utilizing the latest technology.

The Academy’s beautifully landscaped campus is totally wireless and offers LAN Internet connectivity.  All of its buildings are fully air-conditioned, with power 24-7. 

Our facilities include:

  • Administrative center
  • Six spacious boarding hostels – separate for boys and girls
  • Classrooms - average class size of 25
  • Science complex - 4 state-of-the-art science laboratories
  • Library and ICT Resource Center - two computer laboratories where students are closely monitored
  • Community hall - seats 400
  • Music and Art Schools for private and group lessons
  • Mosque and Chapel for worship and meditation
  • Indoor Sports complex

In addition to well-trained, efficient security personnel, the Academy provides an on-campus, 24-hour medical clinic serviced by highly respected doctors and nurses.
The Academy has its own ambulance and is affiliated with the Federal Medical Center, which is just three minutes from campus.  It is the biggest and best-equipped medical facility in Yola.