Welcome from School Administrator

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the AUN Academy Elementary, a school where our students are offered the best quality education based on integrated American Common Core State Standards and Nigerian curriculum. This integrated curriculum ensures that our students are prepared to be successful global citizens in a very competitive world.  Our curriculum strongly emphasizes the development of English language skills which include phonics, vocabulary development, reading, grammar, and writing.

At the Elementary school, we value the importance of integrating academic and citizenship instruction. The character education curriculum provides our children with an education that teaches them how to be good citizens and how to interact in a positive manner with others.

We have a team of experienced and well-qualified staff who value and develop individual talents, abilities and personalities of our students. We use child-centered approaches to teaching and learning and as well incorporate a range of teaching methods to ensure that learning is effective.

It is with excitement that I invite you to bring your child/children to AUN Academy Elementary, a school where quality, diversity, and excellence is ensured.



Elizabeth Raymond

School Administrator

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