A Message from the Vice-Principal

The AUN Academy (Secondary) has graduated eight sets since inception in September 2002. Over the years, the Academy has grown into one of the best educational institutions in West Africa based on its strong academic achievements at national examinations such as the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), National Examinations Council (NECO), Joint Admissions & Matriculation Board (JAMB), and the Cambridge.

The graduates of the Academy have been well placed at American University of Nigeria in Yola, international universities in the US, the UK, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Academic success at the Academy depends on a student’s ability to develop consistent, organized, and thorough study habits. My role, and that of my heads of departments, is to help students achieve their dreams, and to help in making them global assets, establishing sound work habits and maintaining them throughout the year to ensure that academic potential is not wasted.

It is my belief and philosophy that a school must be a castle of hope, a place where children are able to grow as confident, resilient, and happy individuals with a love for learning and a belief in their future. On such a premise, a school can then nurture objective, confident, and articulate individuals who are prepared to stand for what they believe is true and morally justified as opposed to becoming mere passive people who simply ‘go along.’.

We are keen on developing in our students skills of independent study that will prepare them for the ultimate step into tertiary education and adult life.

Setting personal goals is a crucial characteristic of a successful learner.  This is yet another skill that we foster here.  There is clearly a direct link between intellectual and personal challenges, guidance, and skill building that can be best met by an outstanding boarding school such as the AUN Academy (Secondary).

The Academy focuses on a strong, structured, and intense academic program. Emphasis is given to the quality of delivery of the curriculum and the timetable creates room for extra work on core subjects. As a boarding school, the Academy provides for many hours of extra classes such as early morning lessons and Saturday lessons in core and difficult subjects, as well as preparations for UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination).

Tracking our students’ performance is very important to us. We are fully aware of the students' academic requirements and know how best to help them meet their needs. We also encourage our students to be proactive in seeking academic assistance. The Academy has a Guidance Counselor's unit which not only provides academic guidance, but also career counseling and character formation.

At AUN Academy all options are covered. The management is constantly reviewing the curricula and delivery of the programs. The professional development of teachers and the quality of the resources are constantly evaluated.

Students pursuing international university placements receive special assistance and guidance during their final year at the Academy.

The Academy  endeavors to spark the bright, arouse the average, and encourage those struggling. In a mixed ability setting “schools cannot expect robots.”  Leadership and academic staff at all times focus not only on the academic development of a child but also on the development of sound moral values. The holistic growth of a child is what creates a strong and responsible student community and a school of good repute.

Welcome to AUN Academy! We will take your child to the next level.

Praise Abdulkarim
Vice Principal

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