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Academy Premier League (APL) 2021

This year's edition of the league featured three formidable teams which were highly competitive in all their matches. The teams were: Galacticos FC, Preston FC and Vortex FC.

Preston FC and Vortex FC opened this edition of the league in a keenly contested match which took place on Saturday, 6th February, 2021 at the central football field of the college. It was a match that preluded the defensive concept of all the teams fielded for APL 2021 as the match ended with a lone goal for Vortex FC. The outcome would turn out to be ironic for Preston FC, as they thus opened the league with a loss.

The second match of the league took place at the same venue on Tuesday, 9th February, 2021. The match pitched Vortex FC (who already were topping the table with 3 points) against Galacticos FC. The table leaders were held to a goalless draw by Galacticos FC in an action-packed match.

The third match of the league featured Galacticos FC going tooth-for-tooth against Preston FC. The former, who lost their first match against Vortex FC, transferred aggression on Preston FC as they ran away with victory and the full three points after defeating the latter with a symbolic lone goal. But Preston FC had seemingly smelt blood and were unsatisfied with that bout of imperfect vengeance. They had their full pound of flesh on Saturday, 13th February, 2021 when they reunited with their first foe, Vortex FC. It was a match that promised so much action and delivered fully on that promise.

On a perfect vengeful spree, Preston FC defeated Vortex FC 2-1. Thus, at the end of the first day of another spectacular week of football action, Preston FC had taken full command at the top of the table with six (6) points, Vortex FC had dropped to second place with four (4) points and Galacticos FC led the table from behind (or more aptly put, ‘from bottom') with zero (0) point.

However, on their second leg against Vortex FC, Galacticos FC gave a golden account of themselves as they defeated Vortex FC soundly. The match which took place on Tuesday, 16th February, 2021, gave Galacticos FC the opportunity to pick their first points of the league and they did so spectacularly as they grabbed the full three points the match had to offer. They defeated Vortex FC 2-1. That, of course, changed only the lower part of the table as Preston FC still remained tops with six (6) points, Vortex FC and Galacticos FC tied with four (4) points each but Galacticos FC took second place on goal difference. Vortex FC therefore ended their outing by making themselves comfortable at the bottom of the table. It was the last league match for Vortex FC and with that outcome, it was clear that they had ran out of all hopes and chances for the cup this year as they remained behind Preston FC who still had a match in hand and trailed behind Galacticos FC on goal difference. Notwithstanding, the league was not yet decided. The last match of the league was the real decider.

The last match of the league was quite a decisive one. It pitched Galacticos FC (with 4 points and above Vortex FC on goal difference) against Preston FC (league leaders with 6 points). It was truly a decider because at the match, Galacticos FC went in for the final opportunity to win the league by thrashing Preston FC. Preston FC only needed a draw to emerge the league winners.

It was a real dicey match for both sides and truly both sides were so defensive. Consequently, after ninety minutes of full-blown action, the match ended in a goalless draw.

It was a big blow to the fans of Galacticos FC as the score sheet was thus in favour of Preston FC who only needed a draw. With the one point from that final draw, Preston FC secured the clear lead and the APL 2021 trophy with outstanding seven (7) points. Galacticos FC remained second but with a point lead over Vortex FC as the former thus recorded five (5) points while the latter remained at the bottom of the table with four (4) points in all matches.

The tradition of the APL is that new names and teams are being introduced at every new edition of the league. The defending champions of the APL being Rangers FC, this year’s edition crowned Preston FC as the current undisputed champions of APL 2021.



*Highest Goal Scorer: Siji Dantata

Siji is in SSS 1 and is this year’s highest goal scorer with two (2) goals in four matches.

*Best Striker: Siji Dantata

Siji also doubles as this year’s most outstanding striker in APL.

*Best Goalkeeper: Ibrahim Muawiyah

Ibrahim is in SSS 2 and is this year’s golden glove winner: a feat he retained as he was also the golden glove winner in last year's edition of the APL.

*Best Defender: Mukhtar Bawuro

Bawuro is in SSS 2 and is this year’s most outstanding defender at the APL.

*Best Midfielder: Mukhtar Nyako

Mukhtar is also in SSS 2 and is this year’s most outstanding midfielder.

*Best/Youngest Player: Umar Abubakar

Umar is in JSS 3 and is the youngest outstanding player in APL 2021.