AUN Academy Class of 2020 Head Girl's Graduation Speech

AUN Academy Class of 2020 Head Girl's Graduation Speech

I will start by saying Alhamdulilah. We appreciate God for sparing our lives and bringing us all together today despite all the obstacles the world faced this year.

As of today, I am happy and honoured to stand here before you all, not just as a student of this prestigious citadel, but also as the graduating Head Girl of the class of 2020. I cannot explain in greater words how glad I am to have been able to serve not just this school, my classmates and staff, but the developing city of Yola. I want to extend my thanks to all who trusted me with this huge responsibility and supported me through my reign here.

My thanks go to the nonteaching and auxiliary staff of AUN Academy, The transport, maintenance, security and most importantly chef John and his kitchen staff.

To all the teachers who dug deep in from their vast knowledge in their specific fields and their words of wisdom, we are truly grateful for all you have done for us to understand and learn.

To the AUN Academy boarding staff, thank you for being our defenders, putting us on the right path, cautioning and advising when we were in the wrong. Miss Chaby, the life of the party, Miss Rita Our personal adviser,  Mr. Tony our ever listening ear, Mr Razaq our “khutbah”, Mr. Yakubu our smiley, Mr Uche our caring hulk, Miss Celine who watches over us lik a mother bird and Mr Godwin our fountain of wisdom. Your collective words and guidance will forever remain with us.

Mrs. Cecelia, VP Academics, best Biology teacher EVER!! To Mr PRAISE! I can't praise you enough because no praise will ever quantify or qualify what we feel about you. You've both truly been remarkable and beyond exceptional. You have our gratitude.

Finally, to a woman, a superwoman our one and only Mrs Nkem Uzowulu,. MUMMY, You always said, the CLASS of 2020 are a SPECIAL set and we are honoured to be called SPECIAL by you. As we take the next step forward in life, we shall keep making you proud and ensure you will be proud of us in all facets of life we choose. It's been tremendous that you are in our lives. You have been fantastic towards us in terms of service and dedication to see that we become the best people we can be.
I am glad to be here, standing before you all today, I wouldn't be here if not for my parents CLASS of 2020,, none of us would be. For the sacrifices, fees, visits, clothing. To my parents, I am proud to be your daughter, honoured to come out of the Abubakar Sadiq family, to represent and bear the family name and to see to it that I be the daughter that you'd always smile at and be proud to call every time.

As I round off, some parting words to the CLASS of 2020 and to everyone reading or listening to this, something my Mom told me: In every situation, there is always a reason why things do happen, though we may or may not understand the reason why, but I believe this is to make us stronger, wiser and be able to face and withstand other challenges ahead of us. To the class of 2020, what can I say? We are truly SPECIAL. We came into Secondary School with Ebola and we are leaving with Covid-19. We are truly unstoppable. We are a force to be reckoned with. I will miss each and every one of you. You are a family that will never be forgotten.

To my fellow graduands, I wish us a successful life and careers ahead. God bless the CLASS of 2020. We have made it!

Peace out ✌️.
Thank you.

Sakeenah Abubakar
Head Girl, Class of 2020.