AUN Academy (Secondary)



Boarding in the AUN Academy Dorms

Yola is one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria and provides a beautiful and serene environment for teenagers to thrive in. Our dual academic programs attract students from a range of countries to become part of the AUN Learning Community. AUN Academy (Secondary) offers a home away from home in six spacious boarding hostels – separate for boys and girls that help nuture students with values of academic excellence, self discipline and cultural respect.
Our boys and girls reside in separate, secure boarding hostels supervised by House Matrons and Patrons. These house parents, who live in the attached quarters, are available for guidance and support and work closely with the academic staff. Their primary role is to help children excel in a boarding school environment. The Academy has a well-deserved reputation as an inclusive and successful boarding school because of this carefully focused pastoral care.

They are also responsible for making their own beds, dusting, and picking up their clothes.  These tasks are important in building responsibility, teamwork, and pride in the community.

Feeding & Dining

Boarders enjoy five excellent, nutritious meals a day in the Dining Hall. Each meal commences with a prayer, which is led by students. 

Boarders dress in school uniform for breakfast and wear compound clothing for lunch and dinner except for formal school occasions. On weekends a more relaxed atmosphere includes a late Sunday breakfast. Students are assigned responsibilities for cleaning tables and assisting with the basic dining hall duties.

The Yola Experience

The AUN Academy Secondary, which is located on the north campus of the American University of Nigeria, is readily accessible to the Yola and Jimeta communities.  It is approximately 20 minutes away from Yola’s International Airport.  Students quietly pursue their studies, religious devotions, and enjoy extracurricular activities in a well-structured and carefully monitored environment utilizing the latest technology.

The Academy’s beautifully landscaped campus is totally wireless and offers LAN Internet connectivity.  All of its buildings are fully air-conditioned, with power 24-7. 

Our facilities include:

  • Administrative center
  • Six spacious boarding hostels – separate for boys and girls
  • Classrooms - average class size of 25
  • Science complex - 4 state-of-the-art science laboratories
  • Library and ICT Resource Center - two computer laboratories where students are closely monitored
  • Community hall - seats 400
  • Music and Art Schools for private and group lessons
  • Mosque and Chapel for worship and meditation
  • Indoor Sports complex

In addition to well-trained, efficient security personnel, the Academy provides an on-campus, 24-hour medical clinic serviced by highly respected doctors and nurses.
The Academy has its own ambulance and is affiliated with the Federal Medical Center, which is just three minutes from campus.  It is the biggest and best-equipped medical facility in Yola.